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Yellow Me Quilt Cover

From:$129.90 From:$99.90

This stricking yellow quilt cover is perfect for any young child or teenagers bedroom with its 100% cotton marterial will go along way. Perfect to match it to any bedroom theme by throwing in white, black cusions to break it up. It will definitely be a favourite.

Dory Quilt Cover

From:$129.99 From:$99.90

Perfect for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom or anyone that loves Nemo and Dory from Disney characters.

The Charming Elephant Quilt cover set

From:$139.90 From:$110.90

Charming design features beautifully detailed embroidery of a large motif of two elephants that take center stage on the duvet cover and are decorated with the inspiration of mehndi henna like the elephant festivals of India where the elephants symbolise royalty. Elephants are embroidered in red and are surrounded by flowers of purple on a solid pale pink background in a decorative design with flavours of India and Asia

Worldly quilt cover set

From:$135.90 From:$110.90

A popular choice if you are looking for bedroom sets for kids who love adventure, animals or both!  Ideal for little explorers who want to know more about the world. Features large world map detail across the front with native animals of the region in bold applique detail.  Get ready for bedtime with some storytelling featuring your very own bed set and then snuggle down and dream of the adventures to be had. Matching sheet sets also available separately in Single and King Single size.

Pink dress

From:$129.90 From:$99.90

Stunning design features a girl wearing an elegant gown covered in fluttering butterflies with beautifully detailed embroidery and a luxurious ruffled trim around the edge of the duvet cover.
Butterflies are beautifully positioned on the girl’s dress and surrounded her in shades of pink and purple on a solid white background, letting girls believe that wishes really can come true and is perfect for a young woman’s bedroom.

Summer Love Quilt Cover

From:$149.90 From:$109.90

Brighten up your bedroom with this beautuful set.  With it’s vibrant colour this set is the ideal choice for summer.

Monkey Love

From:$129.90 From:$99.90

Your little one will twirl, tumble and turn their way to bed thanks to this cute my love for monkeys Quilt Cover Set.

Believe in me Unicorn

From:$129.90 From:$99.90

This gorgeous unicorn quilt cover will brighten up any kids room.

Unicorn Kids

From:$109.90 From:$89.90


This colorful unicorn quilt cover will surely brighten up any kids room.

Available in all sizes

Material: Polyester

Fish Tank Quilt cover

From:$129.90 From:$99.90

This colorful quilt cover will surely brighten up any kids room.

My Unicorn

From:$109.90 From:$89.90

This colourful Unicorn quilt cover is perfect for any kids room, not only will it enhance but would add beautiful colour to any dull room.

Dress Me Quilt Cover

$159.90 $119.90

What a stunning cover for a girls bedroom, featuring a unique design.

Cars Quilt cover

From:$109.90 From:$99.90

This cool Disney Cars Quilt Cover Set is just the thing to help your little Car fan drift off to sleep. This delightful set features a quilt cover and matching pillowcase and is crafted from cotton blend and will retain its softness wash after wash to ensure a good night’s sleep every night

Frozen Quilt Cover

From:$99.90 From:$79.90

Bring some magic to any child’s bedroom with the Disney Frozen Sparkle Quilt Cover Set.


Birdie Quilt Cover

From:$139.90 From:$99.90

From the pages of a fairy tale comes the playful and enchanting Bridie.
Guaranteed to be a favourite with little girls everywhere.

Love Kids Quilt Cover

$139.90 $119.90

Add a special touch to your child’s bedroom! With this gorgeous pink cover, perfect for any girls bedroom.

Soccer Quilt cover

$139.90 $119.90

Add a special touch to your child’s bedroom!!!!

Aquarium Kids Cover

From:$119.90 From:$99.90

This colourful aquarium kids quilt cover is perfect for boys and girls room with its striking design will surely brighten any bedroom.

Colourful Unicorn Cover

From:$119.90 From:$99.90

Cute and cuddly, the Kids House Magical Unicorn Quilt Cover Set features adorable floral patterns and a unicorn print that will transform your little one’s bedroom into a mystical and magical wonderland.

Unicorn Quilt cover

From:$109.90 From:$75.90

This adorable set features a quilt cover and matching pillowcase with a fun design with unicorns and rainbows.

Magical Quilt Cover

From:$129.90 From:$89.90

This gorgeous cover will brighten up your princesses room instantly.  Will create a serene atmosphere.

Purple Butterfly Kids Cover

From:$129.90 From:$99.90

Brighten up your girls room with this gorgeous design, comes in many sizes.  Perfect for a birthday gift or even to surprise your baby girl with a brand new cover.

Basket ball Quilt cover

From:$149.90 From:$119.90

This striking beautiful red is for all the basketball lovers, what more of a perfect gift can you buy for basketballer then this gorgeous design.

Triangular Kids Quilt Cover

From:$129.90 From:$109.90

This gorgeous cover will brighten up any girls room, no more of the dull colours let this beautiful cover enhance your little girls room.

Papatya Kids Quilt Cover

From:$119.00 From:$99.90

Is their a better way to brighten up your little girls room then this colourful stunning quilt cover.


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